My Experiences With Money As An Adult – Serena

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Reaching adulthood, my understanding of money and finances has become a whole new entity as the level of responsibilities assigned to my age increases by the year. Being of the age to use ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ services like Afterpay, I’ve come to truly understand the importance of managing my money and budgeting appropriately to pay for leisurely activities, buying gifts, paying bills and putting away money into a savings account.

Being taught so many lessons about the value of money and the dangers of falling into debt traps across, I am constantly applying this knowledge to my outlook on life with how to spend my money wisely.

Some personal tips I could offer for young adults that I found helpful are:

  • Track your expenses using apps like TrackMySpend, that allows you to categorise your purchases into separate groups on a daily basis. This helps you to visualise and evaluate on the areas you could improve your budgeting strategies on. Alternatively, I documented my purchases on an Excel spreadsheet at the end of each day.
  • Avoid applying for credit cards if you don’t really need one and are not confident in managing your money. Don’t feel pressured to get one just because people around you have one. It is not a fancy accessory that you should be competing against others to get one first.

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– SK


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